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It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back

Emotional Design

In a world of rapidly changing trends, one-off viral moments and unused Apps, we create products and experience people can’t get enough of.

How, might you ask?

And no, We're not talking about the teardrops you produce while watching The Notebook, We're talking about the joyful, happy, surprising events that trigger emotions.

We all have them and not only do they have the power to influence perception and decision making but provoking a ‘Wow’ moment, is one of the single most effective ways to imprint into a customers memory and cast your company in a positive light.

Why are emotions an important part of the design process?

The usual process when developing a product or experience is to create something functional, reliable and customer-friendly. While they’re all integral steps, what’s missing are a couple of magic ingredients that we happen to have in our toolkit.

A sprinkle of surprise and delight elements plus an understanding on what value your product or experience actually offers your customers, gives it meaning and generates an emotional response. Emotional responses engrave themselves into our brain and before you know it, your brand is blasted to the top of the ‘trusted and loved companies’ list.

So, how do we pull it all together?

All of this stuff sounds great! But, how do we ensure we’re designing a product or experience people will actually need and want?

We use tools like Design Sprints to identify potential hurdles, prototype your idea, test and receive authentic feedback from real people before we move on to designing your final experience. We lay a solid foundation on which to build so we can minimise time, risk, money and most importantly, ensure we are creating a product or experience that offers value to your End User.

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