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Don't find customers for your products,
find products for your customers.
– Seth Godin
Design Sprints
The fastest way to help companies innovate products and experiences.
The Design Sprint helps you explore challenges, identify a range of possible solutions, select the best one and verify its effectiveness with real users – in just one week. Jake Knapp invented this process at Google Ventures.

It’s a fantastic way to solve a business problem, create an experience or kick off a product in a short, focused amount of time. The sprint motivates the team and aligns everyone with clear, shared objectives.
Lean Startup iteration cycle
The idea behind the Lean Startup is great. You have an idea; you get it out there, collect data from users and then iterate. The problem is that the building-part always takes longer than expected.
The problem
Many teams believe that they need to launch a working product in order to get data. This typically results in the team spending months building an MVP to get data, and the learning cycle takes forever.
The solution
In a Design Sprint, the idea is to get data in just four days. We skip the building and launching of the MVP. Instead, we build a high fidelity prototype that we test with users. This way, you can save months of work.

But, why Design Sprint?
The most significant risk is creating something that your customers won't use, won't understand or even hate. The Design Sprint is a tool that empowers you to test your assumptions in a few days, instead of months.

  • Get immediate results
  • Test the potential of your concept without investing in code
  • Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
  • Limit the risk level and be able to pivot your project if needed
  • Maximise your ROI
  • Wow your investors or stakeholders and get their buy-in
Compress month of work into a few days with the Design Sprint process. Rapidly solve significant challenges, create new products or improve on existing ones.
Validate your product with a high-fidelity prototype of a testable product in less than a week. Don't just build a good product; build the right product.
Verify your assumptions, quickly align your team around an idea and execute, making decisions with confidence becomes a lot easier.
Don't just take our word for it!
Check out our podcast episode with the inventor of Design Sprint's Jake Knapp!
Jake Knapp is the inventor of the Design Sprint and a New York Times bestselling author!

Jake spent ten years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint process. He's written two books, Sprint and Make Time. Previously, Jake helped build products like Gmail and Google Hangouts.

Jake tells us about his idea of product empathy, the process through the birth of the Design Sprint. He also shares his insight on the similarities and differences between New Zealand and Silicon Valley and what's the best way to reach out to people in a relationship based ecosystem.

Jake Knapp
When should you Design Sprint?
  • When your company is confronted with a business problem and you are not sure of the best way to approach it. The very purpose of the Design Sprint is to solve problems. Whether they are large, small, product, experience or business related.

  • When you are looking to improve your existing product or service, e.g. increase engagement of the product, new features or redesigning an in-person experience. Doing a Design Sprint allows you to focus on one task to get things done rapidly as well as align your team with the same vision.

  • Before a new product/experience is created - when you are still trying to validate your idea. The sprint will give you guidance to whether you should create the product/experience or not.

  • ... and much more!

Still not sure? Try our interactive flowchart to see if you need a Design Sprint!

What does a Design Sprint look like?
The 4-day EndUser Design Sprint process will help you to solve a significant challenge rapidly, create a new product or service or improve what you have quickly, iteratively and effectively like many of the world's leading companies.
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Your Outputs
Once you have a tangible representation of your product in your hand and real user insights to guide your next steps, making decisions becomes a lot easier.

Your Outcomes
Outputs and deliverables are fantastic, but your outcomes from this process will be priceless!

Gain confidence in the direction your product and your team are going and launch products and services people will actually use.
Eliminate the dead-end project and put your valuable resources into viable products.
Less risk, more speed & momentum
Minimise risk by reducing time on validation your ideas.
Imagine if you could shrink months of design, development and testing into just a few days. You come out of the sprint with momentum surrounding your project. You will have a clear direction and team excitement propelling your idea.
Align your team on your toughest project challenges.
The developers, designers and executive teams are on board. They are no just in agreement; they all share the same clear vision moving forward. Teams tend to be extremely optimistic about products as they come out from the Design Sprint and are eager to maintain the energy they've built.
Efficient collaboration
Collaborate with people from different skill sets. It's an immensely satisfying experience when you spark creativity, encourage people to think outside the box and compare their perspectives with entirely different fields. You save time, money and stress and on top of that, the variety of solutions that come up during the sprint can be surprising and a breath of fresh air.

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