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Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
– George Santayana

Pivot Before You Build

Avi Shenkin, the founder of EndUser, worked as a software developer on projects both great and small became increasingly aware of a gap in the product development process.

Some products, while cleverly crafted, were doomed from the start.
Often conflicted with knowing that customer’s time and money was being wasted by giving them precisely what they actually asked for, but not what their users wanted and needed.

This disconnect between development companies, their customers and what their users prompted her to start EndUser, to advance businesses by ensuring they deliver the right solution and value their users need. No more ‘if they want to spend their money on this product we’ll happily take it’.

From her research of starting a software company with a highly ethical and responsible approach, Avi found a way to break through the traditional boundaries and pathways to failure, and discover what the end users are looking for before writing a single line of code, using Design Thinking tools and tactics.

EndUser’s philosophy is to add genuine value to businesses, helping them find the right way to connect with their customers to create products and product experiences users can't get enough of.

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